New Website Launch!

New Website Launch!

Welcome to the new Carousel Dance Club website!

We are pleased to announce our upgraded site that will enhance the experiences for our members, friends and anyone having an interest in our amazing Club.

Please have a look around.  As of this date, January 26, 2017, we’re not quite complete with the initial rollout, but we have enough great content to get you started with the new look and we will make some additions during the next few weeks.

Here’s a recap of what you can navigate through now and a comment about additional upcoming enhancements:

  1. Home – Introduction to the Carousel Dance Club and a few photos in slide show mode;
  2. Dance Schedule – Dates and locations for the current year;
  3. Maps – Dance location information and directions.  We will add Lakewood Country Club to the 2017 list;
  4. About Us – There are presently four sections in this area.  The links are in the left margin;

    “About Us” – a short statement about the Club.  We will add a more in-depth history of the Club in the next few weeks;

    “Board of Directors” – a list of the current Officers and Dance Chairs;

    “Club Bylaws / Mission;

    “Membership” – the current process and associated fees for membership.

  5. Gallery – Photos of our events.  Can be viewed as thumbnails, individually, or in a slideshow.  We will add a few photos after every event.  In addition, this will change to a “Media” page, where we will offer both photo and video galleries;
  6. Blog – This will be an interactive, entertaining, fun, educational, and productive place to communicate about topics that are interesting and relevant to the Carousel Dance Club, our friends, our partners, and anyone interested in joining our amazing Club;
  7. Links / Resources – We will expand this section to include links to our partners, associations, and resources that will enhance your dancing experience;
  8. Contact – An easy way for anyone to contact us, either by simply filling out the short form or by emailing us, at

We hope you like our new brand and are excited about the future enhancements to our “front door to the dancing world!”  Please give us your feedback and feel free to make recommendations for how we can improve – we value your input.

Please check back regularly for additions to this Blog and let us know your thoughts.

And please encourage people to visit our site,

Happy Dancing!!!

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